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Manufacturer STK NO Serial Class Rotators Description Price
Bolzoni 8163 04D031032-6 II FG251QA C-2 Carriage Bars 39" call
Bolzoni 7445 N/A III N/A call
Cascade 8026 N/A III 100D-RRB C-3 48" Carriage Bars call
Cascade 8334 PTL1865362-1 IV 100G-RRB-173 Class IV Mounting, Class III Carriage Bars 50" call
Cascade 8076 PTL1238528-8R0 IV 100G-RRB-195 C-3 Carriage Bars 60" call
Cascade 8078 PTL1238528-3R0 IV 100G-RRB-195 C-3 Carriage Bars 60" call
Cascade 8276 PTL1805798-1R2 IV 100G-RRB-26C C-3 Forks, 50" Carriage Bars call
Cascade 7831 PTL1244905-1R0 IV 120D-RRB-16C call
Cascade 7866 PTL1109615-1R0 IV 120D-RRB-20C Single Drive, 60" Carriage Bars call
Cascade 8077 N/A IV 120D-RRB C-4 Carriage 49" call
Cascade 2826 N/A IV 150- Pin Mount Carriage Width:52" call
Cascade 6544 PTL638390-1R0 IV 150D32863R0 call
Cascade 7776 PTL1158669-1R0 220D34312 Forks 84Lx8W Fixed BodyW 54 call
Cascade 8069 SELT-2153-T1 III 40D-RSC-SP C-2 Carriage Bars 32" call
Cascade 8096 PTL1333448-3R4 II 45G-RRB-24A Class II Carriage Bars 39" call
Cascade 8159 2003627-T1 II 55G-RRS-66242 Side Shift C-2 Carriage Bars 39", Sideshifting call
Cascade 8068 214524-1R0 III 65D30057R0 C-3 Carriage 48" call
Cascade 7961 PTL2003380-3R3 III 65G-RRB-14B call
Cascade 8087 PTL2003380-2R3 III 65G-RRB-14B Class III 44" Carriage Bars call
Cascade 6897 PTL1221123-1 III 65G-RRB-165 Forks 59Lx6W call
Cascade 6898 PTL1221123-2R0 III 65G-RRB-165 Forks 60Lx6W call
Cascade 6899 PTL1219040-2R0 III 65G-RRB-165 Forks 60Lx6W call
Cascade 8176 PTL1253977-4R0 III 65G-RRB-172 C-3 Carriage 44" call
Cascade 7087 PTL984229-1R3 III 65G-RRB-24BR3 call
Cascade 8449 N/A III 65G-RRB C-3 Carriage Bars 45" call
Cascade 8139 433052-1 III 80D-RRB-10BR-1 C-3 Fork Carriage 42" call
Cascade 7868 N/A III 80G-RRB call
Cascade 7869 N/A III 80G-RRB call
Cascade 8317 N/A III 80G-RRB C-3 Carriage 44" Wide call
Long Reach 7563 LR10033 III CRA5542FC5420N0BN call
Long Reach 7569 LR10030 III CRA5542FC5420N0BN call
Rightline 7972 126808 IV R080B-48-E Class IV mounting, Class III Carriage 48" Bars call
Rightline 8045 115969 III R080B-60-C C-3 34" Carriage Bars, C-3 Mounting call





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