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Manufacturer STK NO Serial Class Rotating Fork Clamps Description Price
Cascade 6188 N/A II 20C-CFR Forks 42Lx4W BodyW 36 call
Cascade 5226 35D16840-00001P* II 35D-CFR Pads 48L BodyW 37 call
Cascade 7438 1840811-1* III 50D-CFR Pads 48Lx6W BodyW 40 call
Cascade 7385 687657-00023P* II 50D-CFR-22A Forks 42Lx6W BodyW 40" call
Cascade 6252 1309225-T1* III 50D-RBD-61706 Pads 47Lx10W Forks 48Lx5W BodyW 38 Rotating Bin Dumpers. Dismntle special sale as CFR's call
Cascade 5784 418822-01* IV 70D20764 Forks 48Lx6W BodyW 48 call
Cascade 7464 SEL-J-6854* III 70D-CFR Forks 48Lx6W BodyW 48" call
Cascade 6789 455712-T1* III R70D-CFR-23BCA Forks 48Lx6W BodyW 48 call
Long Reach 8436 N/A III LCB35 Forks 47L BodyW 38" call
Long Reach 8563 LR02398 IV SQ8 Forks 60Lx6W BodyW 50" Set of Barrel Cut outs call





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